GOAL: $150,000.00

Our strategy in preventing human trafficking and slavery by disrupting demand focuses on our ADVOCACY, EDUCATION AND OUTREACH projects in the Australasia region.

We need $150,000 every year to run these projects with part-time paid staff.

We also have $25,000 ongoing overhead costs per annum.

Please contribute to preventing slavery and trafficking in Australia: even the smallest donation is greatly appreciated. 

If you would like to partner financially with Fighting for Justice Foundation to prevent Australia's demand culture that contributes to trafficking and slavery in our region through evidence-based research in our human rights advocacy, education and outreach to the most vulnerable women and children who experience gender-based and sexualised violence: hit the donate button! 

Our Advocacy work includes parliamentary lobbying, legal advocacy, policy advisory and law reform contributions. 

Our Education work includes into rural remote communities in vulnerable communities in our region, to women experience gender-based sexual violence locally and to perpetrators as a form of prevention. 

Our Outreach work includes both local and international legal based human rights advocacy projects. 

Are you a student or a retiree? 

Are you looking for an internship? 

Contribute to preventing human trafficking and slavery in Australia by volunteering or interning with us! 

Donate your time and subject matter expertise! 

For more information: contact us.

If you would like to volunteer or partner with FFJF on any of the above projects, please hit the volunteer button.